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Chilly Powder

Chilly Powder Mirch PowderEver since its introduction, chilly powder has become basic ingredient in Indian culinary. Chilly powder adds flavor to the food. Chilly powder has many beneficial properties, making it an important part in Ayurvedic medicines to fight many diseases, destroys harmful toxins and stimulates gastric juices that help in digesting food. It also helps in clearing nasal congestion, relieves throat infection, and acts as painkiller in muscle spasms.

The chilly powder used in India is completely different from the Mexican version of chilly powders.

Mexican Chilly Powder
The Mexican chilly powders are mixtures of spices such as dried grounded chilly, cumin, garlic, and oregano. This spice is used included in Mexican cuisine.

Indian Chilly Powder
The chilly powder used in South Asian countries such as India is made by drying and grounding the red chilly to give highly pungent red powder. The pungency in the chilly powder varies according to the chilly used. Generally in India, small amount of oil is added to the chilly powder. This will help the chilly powder to retain its red color which will not fade away with time. The mixture will also help in preserving the chilly powder.

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