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Chili - also called Chili, chile, chilly, chily, Mirchi, chili pepper, Aji, Paprika

Chili, chile, chilly, chily, Mirchi, chili pepper, Aji, Paprika \Chili is the fruit of plant belonging to Capsicum genus. Chili is one of the most spices garnishing dishes.

Family :
 Solanaceae    Genus  Capsicum
Species : 
Capsicum annum, Capsicum frutescens, Capsicum chinense

Chili is fruit of plants belonging to Capsicum genus. Capsicum is derived from the Greek word "Kapsimo" meaning "to bite." Chili is an indispensable spice used as basic ingredient in everyday cuisine all over the world. The chili powder is made by crushing the dried chili having chili flakes and chili pods....> Read More.

How to spell "Chili "?

Christopher Columbus called chili as 'pepper.' The misnomer pepper was used because Christopher thought it belonged to black pepper family.

How to spell ChiliIndia - Chili, also called Mirchi in Hindi
In India, it is spelled as chili. However, the common term used for chili is 'Mirchi' in Hindi language.
America - Chile and Chile pepper
The term 'chile' is not to be confused with the country Chile. The Americans followed the Spanish spelling 'chile.' Although its fruit is known as aji. Chili is popular too, but it is often confused with the official state dish of Texas 'chili'.
Europe - Chili , Chili
Chili (chili con carne) is commonly used in European countries. Although in Oxford English Dictionary, it has the spelling chili.

There are other names used to refer the fruit of capsicum plant like hot pepper commonly called as chile pepper, bell pepper commonly known as capsicum pepper.

Origin of Chili

Chili has been part of human's gourmet food from the ancient times. The capsicum plant is indigenous to Central and South America . It was used from 7000 BC in Mexico and was cultivated from 3500 BC. Chili was known to the western world when Christopher Columbus discovered American in 1493. Today, chili is available in different shapes, sizes and colors all over the world. Chili has been an important culinary spice to be included in different cuisines like Italian food, Mexican food, Chinese food, French food, Japanese Food, and Indian food. Chili was used in variety of forms like green chile sauce, salsas, red chile sauce, chili powder...> Read More.

Chili FAQs

Why is chili hot to taste?
Chili is hot and stimulating with very less aroma when eaten. Chili contains capsaicin, an alkaloid substance which makes chili hot to taste. Capsaicin is present in chili seeds and membranes. When chili powder is swallowed, capsaicin makes the brain to release a neurotransmitter called substance P. This makes brain think that the body is in pain making body respond to chili. The heart beats rapidly and the natural painkiller endorphin is secreted...> Read More.

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